Software To Manage And Track Your Entire Fleet

EBIS GSE offers unparalleled insights for your GSE fleet across supply chain management, equipment health & maintenance, and cost containment. Built for GSE fleets of all sizes, including large volume and highly utilized fleets.

Cloud Based

Easy to install, backup, and manage all GSE data. Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Data to run your shop

Multi-variable, Automated, and user-defined analytics to manage shop operations at scale.

Designed for you

Purpose built for over 15 years, to primarily service GSE fleet management & associated operations.


Software To Manage Your Repair Station

With EBIS 3, organize, monitor, and automate General
Aviation task-flows, to effectively modernize and
scale your repair station.

Work & Repair orders

Easy to install and manage. Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Parts & Inventory

Track inventory, create purchase orders, sell parts directly to customers, and create barcode labels.


Manage signoffs, governance, and other compliance related tasks, all from a single vantage point.

Great Experience, EBIS Keeps Us Running Efficiently

“It is obvious that EBIS GSE was written with the knowledge of someone in the GSE industry”

David Farias, Jet Blue

EBIS is best in service, a perfect fit.

“EBIS GSE has never failed at any time and the customer support has been world class.”

Anthony Kloehs, Delta