About Us


EBIS was born in 1999 when Michael Lentini bought an FBO. Lentini previously had been in the computer business, he immediately started to look for software to run his shop. He was quickly surprised by the limited amount of software out there and how old the technology was. Lentini found out there was nothing out there that did what he wanted – something written for the shop that met all F.A.A. Repair Station requirements.

Over the past 16 years, EBIS has gone through countless improvements including two rewrites that have kept EBIS running on the latest technology. DatcoMedia has continued to update EBIS, and these are included free in the yearly service contract. DatcoMedia also takes user input seriously and are constantly adding features requested by users.

Today, EBIS is used by a wide array of users from multiple location jet centers to engine shops to small single location operations from the United States to Canada to Europe. In addition, EBIS is used at the factory repair stations for Cirrus and Piper.

Present Day

Today, EBIS 3 is used at hundreds of repair stations throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia. EBIS GSE, originally developed in 2004 with Southwest Airlines to replace their internal system, is used to manage the ground support operations of Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, and Virgin Australia. It is used also by third party maintenance providers such as ABR Aviation in Australia to help provide first class service to GSE customers. EBIS GSE also has full supply chain integration with Napa and Sage, full integration with “smart” meters allowing for automatic preventive maintenance, and has a comprehensive set of automatic reports that can be emailed directly every morning, without having to access EBIS.

Santosh Nachu

General Manager

15 years of Experience in Product Leadership, Innovation and Strategy

Principal Business Lead

Eric Baal

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

22 years of Software Architecture, Development and Infrastructure

Principal Technology Lead for Software Development

Rick Agnor

DatcoMedia Director of Business Development

25 years of GSE Asset Management

Principal Customer Success Lead

Ken Mulhall

Global Enterprise Software Executive

25 years experience selling Enterprise Software Solutions